Load measurement elements in conjunction with Load control systems acc. igvw SQ P2 incl. interaction with control systems
load control system for
- load measurement eye, integrated in suspension lug with high resolution measuring amplifier for 250 - 2500kg
- load measurement shackle 3.25 to / 4.75 to.
- any 3rd party load measurement sensors 
- digital signals (daisy chain wired)
- analog signals
- e.g. LoCo wired / wireless for up to 196 cells in one system, eStop interface to any control
- requires e.g. MPC 4IC1 and MPC 4IC1-LM kit for the full safe integrated solution
- Monitoring of current load
- setting threshold values
- retrofitting at existing hoists possible
- integrated testing and calibration system
- permanent registration and analysis of the attached loads in standard and overhead operation (depends on configuration of the hoist)
- DC5 cables for digital signals
- DC4 cables for analogue signals

- special app available