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Variable Motion Controller, V-Motion (E-version)
- EMV filter interference suppression class C1/C2 EN 61800-3 up to 70 m PMC-HV motor connection cable
- E-Version according DGUV V17/BGV C1
- SIL3 upgrade-kit / 2nd processor-unit (scenic moving above people) *
- 1,5 / 3 / 4 / 5.5 / 7.5 / 11 / 15 kW motor power incl. integrated electronic filter *
- for one device with variable speed
- variable speed control 0-100% (closed-loop, real-zero-speed) in remote-mode
- backlit LCD-Display
- function buttons for operating and illuminated e-stop-button
- local (hand-controlled) or remote mode (via I-Motion Network) switchable incl. bypass function
- local mode direct via up- and down-buttons and speed ratio actuator for setup and service
- integrated test function for operational limit and emergency limit switches
- temperature controlled fan system
- reduced leakage current for use with RCD type B
- black metal housing with four handles,
- three integrated M12 threads for truss coupler and eye for safety
- I-Net input C14FC
- 16 CEE 5pol with 2 m connection cable
- Hybrid-Multipin-connector C8/24FC
- FC-Data (drive interface)
- DIG I/O connector C4FC
- dimensions:19" 3 units / 6 units (only V-Motion 75) *

For specific product information please have a look at the data sheets
* according your final product configuration

Installation version / cabinet version (additional features): **
control cabinet installation model for 4 / 8 drives **
- power electronics for all channels
- axis-processor 1 / 2 channel **
- for any AC frequency controlled motor
- cable stripe for PMC-HV per channel
- electronical module per each drive,
- LCD-Display for operations parameter
- switch to select network-function or maintenance-function,
- bypass-button for service and test function as well for emergency case
(per each drive using up and down buttons as well as speed control 0 - 50 %)
- emergency-stop-button,
- self-locking integrated test function acc. to DIN 56 950 for limit switches  (operation and emergency limit)  for service aspects
- integrated network distribution and
- cable stripe for NDC network wiring
- integrated safety module allows using a key switch, specific override of emergency limit with button
- integrated brake test module allows using a key switch to alternate revealing of both brakes for brake test with 120% of nominal load
- mounted in a metal cabinet
- main switch, centralised power distribution with single fuses per each drive module,
- cable entry points realised with metrical screws!
- lighting inside the cabinet
- socket (separate fused) forservice aspects

** For specific product information please have a look at the data sheets
** according your final product configuration