Steel band hoist VMB

Steel band hoist VMB

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VMB-S 250-0.8-24 // VMB-S 125-1.2-24 // VMB-S 250-1.2-24 variable motion steel band hoist acc. DGUV V17 (formerly BGV C1), DIN 56950-1:2012-05, EN 61508-SIL3
-  125 - 250kg mobile hoist with single fall band 0,4x45mm
- 0 - 1200 mm/sec *
- height of stroke: 24 m

- closed-loop-system: continuously variable speed from zero to maximum
and change of direction without any interruption
- true zero speed 
- prepared for group-operation 
- continuous power transmission without any overload safety clutch
- inbuilt status board, LED illumination of the working status
- inbuilt test device concerning DGUV V17/BGV C1 and DIN 56950 for independent check of the work and over travel switches + independent brake test
- braking system with two independent silence, noise-optimized DC brakes
- independent gap/function control devices
- TÜV/BGV C1 approved, 4-pole limit and over travel switch gear box
- 2-channel high resolution incremental encoder on the motor shaft
- 29-bit high resolution absolute encoder on the chain pocket wheel
- integrated dynamic load cell (DMS) with load check device (no lost of installation height)
- motor thermal limit device (self-resetting)
- ultra low noise nom. 50dBA

- designed for usage with frequency converters / V-Motion module 
- 1,5 m PMC HV connecting cable (all in one) with rugged bending protection and a PMC C8/24 hybrid multi-pin connector prepared for use with MOVECAT V-Motion
- protection level IP 54
- standard application
- 2 handles


- Preliminary, final and handover inspection in accordance with DGUV V17/BGV C1 and VDE 0701/0702

A separate inspection by an external expert according to BGG 912 done as acceptance inspection for a point hoist or the alternative as pre-examination, design and construction test for use with /or integration to manned airframes for people are additional and necessary inspections!

- conformity: CE-Certification*
- new: full integrated overload protection & lifetime monitoring & diagnostic report*
 (more information)  *

* according your final product configuration

Technical data:
- single fall 
- FEM D8: 2M/M5
- ED: 40%
- switches: 150 S/h
- motor power:  3.0 kW  // 4.5 kW *
- weight: 100 kg // 110 kg *

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